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This is my first experience with writing a blog.  I hope it will be interesting.  I'm retiring in January of 2016, and as I just got back from a week long vacation, I thought this would be a good way to start my brain dump. 


I started working with manual GIS (overlays of the Waldport Ranger District on the Siuslaw National Forest)  back in 1981.  I have been working with esri products since 1988, when I spent three months converting data from MOSS format to ARC/INFO for the Yakima Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  I spent those three months editing in ARC/Edit and got really good at it.  I had a terminal that was connected to a mini computer in Portland, no plotter (the bosses wanted analysis, not map).  It was a great introduction to GIS.  I believe it was on version 4.0.  Since then I've worked in all branches of the US Forest Service and spent six years running the State of Oregon's GIS Service Center.  Currently I work in a Forest Service  research lab on the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Project.


I work with other LTER sites and have been working on this Internet Mapping project:  GeoNIS

GeoNIS provides an automated workflow to download and process  Ecological Metadata (EML) documents, providing quality checks and download of actual GIS data, inserting the data into a geodatabase or raster mosaic, and updating ArcServer web services.  Coding was done in Python and the front end application was built using the Javascript API.  Code is available at github: rbeloin/pasta2geonis · GitHub