BS in BS

Blog Post created by ttaylor_ECGISAB on Dec 29, 2016

I will not pretend to be an expert in GIS, geography or IT for that matter. I am a recently graduated (this Dec) Biology major who has fallen into GIS in a most unexpected way. I managed to land an internship with Erie Soil and Water Conservation District this past summer that has since transformed into additional internships and a job offer. I now find myself as the sole GIS employee for a city with the prospect of developing and operating the GIS department within the IT department. I am bewildered, bemused, grateful and despite my lack of experience so very, very excited. Luckily for me and many like me the GIS community is one that is inviting, warm and accepting. This has been my experience thus far and I do not imagine that it will change.  GeoNet  and all of you lovely people have been a constant resource for me in my forays into developing my skills and I have little doubt that it will continue to be so. All of this awkwardness is me trying to thank you all and to introduce myself into the community.


Some of the things I have been and am currently working on include; citizen service requests, water and sewer infrastructure mapping, survey123 inspection forms, parking surveys, zoning maps, construction mapping, site development selection, presentations on workforce/collector/survey123, commission presentations, hydrant mapping and inspection forms, and so so many other small and large projects. I work interdepartmentally with all city departments.


That all being said, I may continue to document my progress and work here, for critique, help and above all your amusement.