Editing a Task

Blog Post created by tonja.ruben_FSA on Apr 29, 2019

I am inspecting tile based raster imagery using a Task process in ArcPro.  Each tile has an single principle point that is randomized and is constrained to 1:15,000 scale overviews.  These points are used as navigation points so I can see every tile of the imagery service I am inspecting as I look for defects that I will annotate by a separate feature class shapefile. To proceed through each overview I open the navigation point attribute table, and row by row I right-click the grey column header to the left of the table with the CTRL button down to keep at 1:15,000.  My eyes have to look from MAP view to ATTRIBUTE view at each new click.  My thought is I would like to add some automation to this rather painful process.


I envision maybe selecting my attribute table and hitting like the "PLAY" button so at each new row down I'd get like a 5 second pause and then my view would move on to the next row/tile view in the map window.  AND, this would continue until I see something, at which point I could hit "PAUSE", record my point defect and continue to play on down the rows of my attribute table more quickly and less eye movement.


I think I just need to edit the Task.  Maybe I could use the "Record" button to teach the TASK what I want it to do. 

I know ArcPro use buttons for tools, and Tasks can call processes and tools to proceed.  But, can simply going down through an attribute table of navigation points on top of raster imagery row by row be accomplished as if it were a tool?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.  I'm certainly willing to walk thru a tutorial, but they all are much more complicated than what I need I think.



Tonja Ruben

Quality Imagery Specialist

USDA/FSA/Aerial Photography Field Office

Salt Lake City, Utah