Javascript API - Location Widget

Blog Post created by timw1984 Champion on Aug 18, 2014

Hey everybody,


Since location is obviously a big part of making maps, I thought it might be a good idea to have a widget that let's you do a lot concerning Lat/Long , Deg/Min/Sec and USNG/MGRS.



I used this sample Reverse geocode | ArcGIS API for JavaScript as my starting point and built from there.


I have added the ESRI geocoding widget. You can type an address and once it finds your address it will take you there, drop a point and fill in your location fields (Lat/Long, Deg/Min/Sec, USNG/MGRS).


You can click the location button and it will take you to your current location and also fill in the location fields, plus it will try to get an address.


You can click on the map to get a location, or you can just fill in one of the location fields!


Here is the LINK to a live sample and I have also attached the code.


Let me know what you think, what I could add or maybe even remove!



- Updated for 3.11


- Tim