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Blog Post created by timothy_hales-esristaff Employee on Sep 21, 2015

Here are a couple well written and informative blogs posts from earlier this month. Also a common question about which ArcGIS Desktop licenses that gives a pretty good perspective from the user community.


Survey123, Collector and GeoForm (a quick comparison)

by Ismael Chivite

A pretty common question, so we thought we would clarify this a bit. Lets start with a simple table...


Does my company need Desktop Basic, Standard or Advanced? (Answered)


I am currently doing some consulting work for a petroleum company as a geotech....They want to start using Arcgis to make maps with wells (points) and pipelines (lines)....If anyone can provide me with some insight on the topic or give examples of what other oil and gas companies use the software for I would really appreciate it!


Testing your code

by Rene Rubalcava

Your users are happy, you're happy, everything is peachy. Someone says they want some new features. You're like rad dude, I got this. You start writing and refactoring, adding new modules, tweaking a couple of others and somewhere along the line your entire application comes crashing down. Something broke and you've made so many changes you can't tell what broke where.


Improve Water Conservation and Combat Drought with ArcGIS

The Esri Water Practice demonstrates how to increase conservation by using the GIS Platform: organizing and sharing conservation information, understanding customer behavior, empowering customers to change their behavior, and cross-cutting workflows across your departments.