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The GeoNet community continues to keep the conversation going by asking/answering question, posting status updates, and sharing polls; however, it's been quiet on the blog front over the past few days. I'd love to see more posts, and be able to feature your work. Not sure how to create a blog post? Check out - Creating Blog Posts


Why are you not leveraging ArcGIS Online?

by Aaron Paul

Most if not all Esri Users current on maintenance have a paid subscription to ArcGIS Online (AGO).

That said, many have not started to leverage it.

If you're not using what you've already paid for, I'm curious why.


How do you use ArcGIS Online in higher education?


I'm really interested to hear from anyone making use of ArcGIS Online at university level, especially for geography or related subjects.


Python Add-In Button Issues (Answered)


I have been playing with the Python Add-In Wizard, and I have created a toolbar with some menus and buttons.  I am having trouble getting the buttons to work, though.


ESRI Web application in vb.net & VS without using Silver light? (Answered)

ArcGIS API for Silverlight

Now all our ESRI map module development based on VS2012 and in vb.net. Here we are using silver light technology for developing the application. Now some of the browsers are stopped working in silver light based applications. So How we can develop ESRI based application in vb.net & VS without using Silver light?


Optimize the scene in big city models (Answered)


I created a big city model (the total surface is about 623.74 square kilometers). I created the terrain with a tiff image (heightmap), and the resolution is 4096x4096.


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