Display multiple display units

Blog Post created by techie57 on Nov 27, 2015

in 10.3.1   am wanting to display lat long, decimal degrees, and MGRS for example.  I used to be able to use the coordinate tool from the MOLE and have mulitiple coordinates displayed  and updated with the cursor movement.  Since the Mole is not avail for 10.3.1 unless defense related, is that tool available or another way to have continuously updated multiple units.  I dont want to take the extra steps to use the xy tool as the idea is to avoid extra steps and cliks to get simple results.  If anyone know let me know...  I get the same capability when i have TerraGo toolbar loaded in a geo pdf and can show mulitple coordinates.... it works great when doing emergency mananement work, where i can gover over a document and quickly have the MGRS and lat long, etc... likewise when i want to display both ED50 for europe and lat long or decimal degrees.

thanks in advance if anyone knows