ios 8.4 with external GPS

Blog Post created by tdaig13 on Jun 30, 2015

As alot of users know, the ios 8.3 update was not compatible with any external GPS systems. This problem came to my attention because we could not get our ipad to have an accuracy of less than 65 meters. We researched an external GPS and purchased the DUAL SkyPro160, knowing that an ios update was supposed to fix this bug. In the meantime, I used a Samsung Galaxy Note for mapping and it worked great, giving me sub 3 meter accuracy in the open and below 10 meters in canopy. When the external GPS arrived I linked it with the Note(you need a background app as well) and I was getting sub 3 meter accuracy in and out of canopy.


The ios 8.4 update came out today and I successfully downloaded it. After pairing the GPS with the Ipad I am now reading sub 5 meter accuracy(the lowest the collector app on the ipad will read) and it seams spot on.


I just wanted to share this with yall because I read many posts trying to find out the problem in the first place. Do not throw away your apple product just yet because the problem has finally been solved.