Workflow Manager in ArcGIS Pro!

Blog Post created by tbello-esristaff Employee on Sep 30, 2015

I was recently asked when workflow management capabilities would be available in ArcGIS Pro. The answer is, it had always been there!

ArcGIS Workflow Manager has been an extension since the first release of ArcGIS Pro.


Here are a few highlights of things that we have added over time.


  • You can add a connection to your existing 10.3 workflow manager geodatabase, allowing you to manage, create and execute your jobs. Your queries are on the left and executing your favorite queries returns the jobs that you want to see.

Workflow_View_ProjectItems.pngFigure 1: Workflow View


  • You can create jobs using very minimal clicks using templates defined in the admin application.


Figure 2: Create Job


  • If creating one job at a time is not efficient enough for you, you can use the Create Jobs GP tool to take advantage of more parameters for creating jobs.

create_Jobs_GP.pngFigure 3: Create Jobs


  • You are able to run through your workflow using the execution tools. The launch ArcMap step will simply open a view inside of the same Pro session you are in with the layers pointing to the specified source and zooms to the AOI.

Open_Map_Tab.pngFigure 4: Open map tab in Pro



Figure 5: Area of Interest as bookmarks


  • There is also a new step called open Map which allows you to select from a list of maps inside your project to work with. These maps can be coming from any source including Portal or ArcGIS.com.

OpenMap_Step.pngFigure 6: Open Pro map


  • If you are new to all of this, adding a workflow manager connection to a geodatabase will take you on a journey where you can user the new geoprocessing tools to create your workflow geodatabase.

Create_new_geodatabase.pngFigure 7: Connect to Workflow geodatabase


  • Portal is a becoming common with the platform users today and most organizations would like to use their users in portal across all ArcGIS apps. This is now possible by choosing the portal store as an option during post install or later in the administrator.


  • An exciting new capability is the ability to take jobs off the network and work within a project without connectivity to your enterprise database. This can be done by just a single click of a button!


Figure 8: Take Offline

jobs_takeOfflineBringOnline_paneonline.pngFigure 9: Bring Online




Features that are coming at the next release include the following:

  • New workflow diagram
  • Create jobs from a gallery
  • Configure your favorite tasks as a step in Pro


Additional points to make on this is that configuration still happens in the Administrator application,

connect to the same geodatabase from ArcGIS Pro, Workflow Manager client, Workflow Manager JavaScript viewer, or any other client.


If Pro was a map, I would have made a cool story map taking you on a tour around the application….hope this is good enough!