Real World GIS Applications

Blog Post created by sprittenhouse on Jul 27, 2015

In addition to managing the VA K-12 GIS Site License and James Madison University's Geospatial Semester (along with Kathryn Keranen and Bob Kolvoord), I get the opportunity to teach two undergraduate courses: Geospatial Tools I (Cartography and GIS) and GIS for Humanitarian Assistance.


A big part of the instruction (both in the Geospatial Semester and in the undergraduate courses) is striking the balance between students learning necessary components of the software AND learning how to apply it appropriately.  Often the most successful way to take a stab at this is to model how GIS is used in a variety of fields and/or give students the chance to use GIS to address and tackle relevant problems of interest.


I'm excited to see how an upcoming collaboration with the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery might provide the chance to do both!


For more information on how CISR will be using AGO and mobile apps to improve the destruction of conventional weapons around the world, check out this article on the JMU website.


Charlie Fitzpatrick

Esri Education Team