Portal and ArcGIS Online Version

Blog Post created by simo on Nov 19, 2015

When I ask people what portal versions are they using, I often get answers like "Portal for ArcGIS Server 10.3". I did NOT have any problems with this answer until one day when I needed to compare my portal version with AGOL,


I think I should be able to compare them, as we'v been told Portal and AGOL they are basically the same technology deployed on different platforms, one in the cloud, one inside of your organisation.


Now the question is obvious, what's the version of AGOL if my portal is on "Portal for ArcGIS Server 10.3"? There's simply no such terms like "ArcGIS Online for ArcGIS Server 10.3", it just keeps on refreshing every few months. I did some online research but nowhere to find the answer. later when I read between lines in the REST API document, I figured out the latest version (by 21/11/2015) for AGOL is 3.10,  and my portal is 3.7!


3.7 sounds more like a version number than "Portal for ArcGIS Server 10.3", because you don't really have to match your portal version with your ArcGIS server version, and I believe over time, this will be the case: your portal version will be more advanced than your ArcGIS server just like our SDE upgrade falling behind ArcGIS server upgrade.


Back to the point, finding the standard version number is really good, because I can compare my portal and AGOL now, and I will be aware of how far my portal is lagging behind AGOL, what functions I am missing out at the moment.


How to find the version for AGOL and Portal?


You can use REST API to determine the AGOL version:


Request for AGOL:





Request for Portal:

http://<my portal domain>/portal/sharing/rest?f=json



{"currentVersion" : "3.7"}


It is like ArcGIS Javascript API version, isn't it? To be honest, I don't know what's the link between these two. but the current version for Javascript API is 3.14.


Everything is in ESRI's document, you will find it if you turn all the stones and dig deep enough. but I am just curious why ESRI doesn't promote Portal and AGOL versions like this. Is this version series only for internal use?