RE: New Styles and Old Companions/Seth

Blog Post created by silver2row on Aug 6, 2015



I was just goofing around with my ArcGIS stuff. I have an older model book to run on but I have ArcGIS 10.3.1. I have Pro also. I have found these efforts to be very useful. I like to map, gain insight, and a graphical display when advancing techniques towards interest. Some of my interests are the state of Louisiana, my locale, and economics and the status of certain businesses around my locale.


I have a less-than copy of the program, i.e. so I can only use it for home use. I think I may try to apply to get a certification in GIS from ESRI.


Who knows?


There are many things that have to do with mapping and the appeasing nature of graphical insight. This is why I like ArcGIS and other brand name mapping software, e.g. mostly ArcGIS.


Um...there is something I wanted to type. Oh yea, I am going to post new maps when I can like with my ArcGIS Online subscription. If people and/or groups are located in the Louisiana area and would like to participate, please let me know. I really could use some perspectives outside of my own. Great. I hope to hear from others as time passes.