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Started down the collector road for field work, not a fun time.  We purchased a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet and did some testing and it worked fine.  Purchased a second one and did some more testing and all went well. 


Started the actual field work and then we started developing issues as the data would not sync.  This was an intermittent problem and ESRI techs could not figure out why, at least the first three techs couldn't.    So they would have my copy the data of the tablet to my PC and try to use the "Copy Runtime Geodatabase To File Geodatabase" tool but I only have a basic license so this does not work.  They had me upload the data and they then converted it.


Finally around the fourth (4th) esri tech. low and behold this is a known bug.  Really ESRI it takes 4 techs to figure this out, and find the info?  He said he would add me to the bug list and sent the bug number.  So I looked up the bug and they have a work around, no one mentioned this before?


So I followed the instructions in the bug and was able to sync my data.  At a glance it looks like it's all there.


So the bug is BUG-000084156



If network connections are interrupted prior to executing a 'synchronizeReplica' task when Collector for ArcGIS (Android) is synchronizing disconnected edits, the edits can no longer be synchronized and subsequent attempts are unsuccessful.


Alternate Solution

1. Using a file explorer software (such as Windows Explorer), browse to the file directory of Collector for ArcGIS on the Android device, and navigate to the folder containing the disconnected edits.

2. In this folder, delete the folder named 'Syncgdbrequest' and the .gdb file which has a name beginning with 'client_delta'

3. On the Android device, restart Collector for ArcGIS and attempt to sync the disconnected edits again. The disconnected map is now able to sync again


For me the location was


I love all the extremely long randomly named directories and files, makes it so easy to find things.


So I followed the instructions in the bug and was able to sync my data.  At a glance it looks like it's all there.



On a rabbit trail, Online help seems to have changed lately.


As a side note although the last tech pointed me to this bug he also suggested I use

Copy Runtime Geodatabase To File Geodatabase

This is a tool to convert the 245776a4-d12f-4a90-83d0-6acfa585f0ea.geodatabase database to a file geodatabase ArcGIS can look at.

Licensing Information

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic: Yes

ArcGIS for Desktop Standard: Yes

ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced: Yes


ESRI LIES on their page as this tool will not work with a Basic license.  It also does not say it but it is a 10.3 tool and it will not work in older versions.


Hope this helps someone else.