New Imagery

Blog Post created by sheridangis on Apr 13, 2015

Was reading in the latest ArcNews about the new "Premium Imagery Services for ArcGIS Powered by Leica Geosystems".  This looks like interesting imagery so I signed up for the sample trial which turned out to be Bismarck ND.  I was impressed with the overall quality of the imagery but wondered about the area we have most of our projects, Wyoming.


So I inquired and Wyoming is on the 2015 acquisition list to post late 2015 or early 2016 so for us this imagery at this point in time is not something we will look at.  I do however look forward to checking back in on them next year.


Also of note is that their plan at this point in time is to fly each area every 3 years, I suppose similar to the NAIP schedule but better quality photo. 


So the tag at the bottom for the trial is here:

For more information, go to the ArcGIS Marketplace (, find the Hexagon Imagery Program offerings, and select Free Trial.

Premium Imagery Services for ArcGIS Powered by Leica Geosystems