Introducing GIS to Colombian Social Studies Teachers

Blog Post created by sgonzalezesri-co-esridist Employee on Aug 2, 2017

ArcNews Summer Edition shows an example of the work we are doing in Colombia with school's teachers.    This time, graduate students developed an online course that uses GIS technology to integrate geography and history lessons.  The goal of the course was introduce Geographic Information Systems to social studies Teachers, as a tool tho improve their classes and the impact of what they were teaching on the students. 


A teacher who finished the course said:

"I think this is a very good tool because students today are constantly using computers and are familiar with studying this way. It allows them to explore things in more depth to gain a better understanding of the materials and provides them with the opportunity to work with the tools and systems they will use in the future."


Read the whole article in the ArcNews 2017 Summer Edition.