Who cares about points?

Blog Post created by sephefox Champion on Apr 8, 2015

I was given a much higher accolade today, when someone I have been helping on GeoNet asked if they could could acknowledge me by name in the paper they are writing for their Masters!! What an honor!


The points thing is fun and all, and definitely piqued my interest at first, but it is really satisfying to actually help people move forward and expand their GIS skills. I've been doing a lot of teaching in general lately, and I'm beginning to realize how much I enjoy it, and that I might even be good at it! It also helps me grow my own knowledge as I stretch my brain to think through other people's problems.


Last month I was part of a cadre instructing students from all over the US on the intricacies of being a GIS Specialist on wildland fire incidents. This month I will be doing the same again for our in-agency fire GIS refresher, teaching at the Search and Rescue academy about maps, ground navigation, and GPS, and lastly teaching at my structure fire academy about ground ladder operations. I'm definitely putting in some extra hours in preparation, but it's worth it. I'm certainly enjoying the feeling of being of use to others.


Thanks again to Polly Daugherty for the confidence boost!