Signing Service Issue

Blog Post created by sch7712 on Aug 5, 2016

Hello all,


I am writing because I had an issue configuring the widget to work with the Signing Service. As I stated in the original post, I would update this blog with any issues that I run into.


I was configuring the Sign Service URL inside Web AppBuilder, then I would go to run the widget and run into errors. The issue was that the widget could not connect to the proper operation in the sighing service. After speaking with Pictometry I found that I was entering https://mywebserver/Picto_SignService  as the address for the signing service and not https://mywebserver/Picto_SignService/SigningService.asmx.  This was causing the widget to fail.

Also, the "SignUrl" operation is case-sensitive, so be sure to capitalize the S and U.


To edit the widget's configuration after it has been added to the app, go to: (<yourapp>/configs/Pictometry/config.json) Please note that there is also a config.json file in the Pictometry widget's file, the widget will not use this one once it is deployed. It will use the one in the configs directory. Pictometry advises against this in favor of changing config settings from within Web AppBuilder and then re-adding the widget to the app.



A working URL looks like this (this link uses as a test only):



The reply from the signing service should look similar to this:




In this response, ts (u0026ts) is a Time Stamp and ds  is an encoded value that takes your secret key, the URL that was passed in, and the Time Stamp into account.


I am using the DotNet version of the Signing Service and hosting it using IIS. Pictometry also has other formats of the service, they are PHP and JS.


For the PHP and JS services, the test and results would look similar to these:










Here is the link to the Signing service installation guide from Pictometry:


Signing Service


That is all I have for this post, let me know if there is anything else I can elaborate further on. While I am not to experienced with web development, I will answer any questions I can.