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First Blog Post!

Posted by sch7712 Jul 28, 2016

Hello all,


My name is Chris Schreiber and I am the GIS Developer for a small company called the Knowledge Center. We are based in Pennsylvania and provide Incident Management software. A request that we often receive from our customers is to incorporate Pictometry into our map. We used to utilize Esri's Flex based map viewer and widgets but have since moved to JavaScript. Pictometry originally had a widget for the Flex Viewer but did not have one for the JS API. They recently came out with a new widget designed for use with Esri's Web AppBuilder. (I will sometimes abbreviate Web AppBuilder to WAB or wab, just a warning!)


The widget allows users to view Pictometry Imagery inside WAB.


Here is an update from Pictometry:




Here are some other links:


Documentation Link:




Here is a screenshot from my app


I will periodically update this blog with solutions to any issues that I run across incase some of you run into the same issues.