CCNA Certifications to Boost Your Networking Career

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The Under Cover Recruiter says there employers across all kinds of organizations should make the following three considerations when recruiting an employee:

  • Focusing on job roles rather than job titles will help determine the kind of responsibilities you are looking at such as that of a Technician, Administrator, Analyst, etc.
  • Skill gaps need to be assessed to be able to able to find ways to close them. Looking at the organization’s need from a particular job role to what the current industry demands are, can help find steps to bridge the gap.
  • Again, to ensure that the skills are maintained, timely trainings need to be provided to the employees.  

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Cisco certifications play a very important role here in lifting a major burden in recruiting an employee for a job role. They involve a comprehensive approach to testing a candidate’s ability to handle the necessary infrastructure using a combination of theoretical as well as practical know-how.

These certifications adapt to changing environments rapidly ensuring candidates stay abrest the latest developments in the industry. Industry oriented, rigorous and scalable, the Cisco certifications are certainly a value add to a candidate’s existing skill set.

Amongst the multiple certifications that Cisco offers, the CCNA certifications are the best career builders for an IT professional aspiring to make it big.

It’s the most popular of all Cisco certifications form the first step into a successful and fulfilling IT career with the best of companies and great packages. Cisco offers the following three certifications at the CCNA level:

  • CCNA Security: The CCNA security certification is the first step in establishing your foothold in the organizational security arena. Aimed to certify a candidate’s skills in setting-up and maintaining secure networks as well as server architecture, the CCNA security certification is a great consideration to make.  


With rising security concerns by the day and even basic security knowledge levels becoming critical for organizations, there is a huge demand for CCNA security professionals with attractive perks in store too. 

  • CCNA Wireless: Nearly all organizations are upgrading to wireless systems and Cisco being the leader in wireless networking, its highly likely that majority of the organizations would be opting for Cisco’s products. As such, getting a Cisco CCNA wireless certification can very lucrative.  


In fact, the CCNA wireless boot camp and simulation trainings ensure you are industry ready to get going as soon as you hit the production floor.

  • CCNA Voice: A large number of multi-national companies require Voice Infrastructure support right away. The CCNA Voice attests an IT professional’s skills in deploying and maintaining a Voice Infrastructure for an organization using technologies such as IP Telephony, IP PBX, Voicemail solutions, etc.  


The first step in Cisco’s voice technology, the CCNA certification also brings with it attractive work opportunities and salary benefits.

While self study is definitely important but preparing for the CCNA certifications is best done by enrolling into a training center, because they emphasize on both the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of learning.

Do you think CCNA certifications are a great investment to make for boosting an IT professional’s career? Share your thoughts and takes with us; we’d love to hear your thoughts too. 

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