ArcGIS Pro - Gaining momentum

Blog Post created by s3tech on Apr 23, 2015

It seems that, with the additions being added to the next update of ArcGIS Pro, it is going to start becoming something far more powerful with respect to outputting final maps. They are going to be

adding Rulers, Guides and Layout Snapping


In addition to Rulers and Guides, version 1.1 (planned for June) will include Extent Indicators and some additional metadata dynamic text. The big new thing for ArcGIS Pro at 1.1 is .NET SDK that will give you additional options for automating the sorts of things you do with layouts.

says David Watkins, from ESRI.


I am also going to start promoting a new idea, which is applicable to ArcGIS and Pro, that graticules include a view scale reference option, similar to labelling and layer visibility, which would make layout grids and graticules even more, especially for templates, which would remove most of the user amendments and selections when changing from one scale to another in layout view. Once the idea is posted, if you are interested, go give it a thumbs up (at time of writing I could not create an idea to promote as there seems to be an issue with my account, which hopefully ESRI can resolve quickly).


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