Esri UC Big City Pizza Party

Blog Post created by rweeden-esristaff Employee on Jul 12, 2017

One thing I really enjoy about my role at Esri is that I get to work with big cities - I grew up in Philadelphia, and have always had an interest in urban issues. The territory I work with includes Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore (among others), which gives me many great learning experiences. Working with big cities can be unique - while they use GIS to address the same problems as other local governments, they're often organized a bit differently, and operate at a different scale. I try to find opportunities to share what one city has found successful or challenging with others, and I think there's a lot of value in sharing these stories and making connections. So, for the first time, my colleagues Lauri Dafner, Patrick Hammons, Patrick Gahagan and I decided to host a Big City Pizza Party at the Esri UC! We had about 30 GIS staff from many different departments including IT, Planning, Water, Public Safety and Health join us for pizza and beers at BASIC in the San Diego Gaslamp - super tasty (though everyone knows the best pizza is on the East Coast!). It was great to meet new people, make connections and share stories. I overheard discussions on a lot of different topics like 3D basemaps, green infrastructure, JavaScript development and street-level imagery from CycloMedia. Check out the pics, below - I think everyone had a fun time, and I hope we can make this a new UC tradition!