Topic of the day for October 10, 2017: the signing for each country.

Blog Post created by progis99 on Oct 10, 2017

You can ignore if you are not interest, otherwise here is the information I am learning about each sign for each country. Back then there were very limited to learn about each country.  Today more and more deaf people from each country innovate a new sign for their country.


Handspeak has an excellent for each country signs..  Click on ASL Dictionary and type of the name of the country.


Like for example  Chile  ASL sign for CHILE | HandSpeak 

Also the sign for Russia can be found here : ASL sign for RUSSIA | HandSpeak    ---> The site for the 2018 Russia World Cup !


For the continent   America  ASL sign for AMERICA | HandSpeak 

                              Asia        ASL sign for ASIA | HandSpeak 


so Enjoy it !