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The sign for Drones.

Posted by progis99 Apr 3, 2017

While Drones is very new and slowly coming out today....There are not a lot of sign language interpreters have not innovate a new sign for "Drones" but the one I like the most is it is almost similar to helicopter..


This is the Sign for HELICOPTER .


But with the is the same thing just close your palm hands closed together at the bottom and spread out your other hand and shaking your top hand and fly around...  Isn't it fun ???


You thoughts ?


Very nice article about deaf employees doing the drones down in Austin, Texas....


Aerial Productions, Austin's all-deaf drone company, takes flight 



It is nice to see a few deaf employees that  can involved in GIS, Remote Sensing, and even in Drones !! It would be nice to see some opportunities for the deaf community especially with those have geography or GIS certificate or background to stay involved  these new technology. Yes, we have come a long way from the old days...


Enjoy and sharing ...