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Newspaper Mapping ?

Posted by progis99 Nov 23, 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm writing here to ask anyone out there who want to share with....

So I like to read newspaper online (I like world events and sports, local news, and stuff like that), so when I read New York Times or The  Washington Post and sometimes LA Times ( I am born and raised in southern California)  . I am currently living in southern Colorado... Not a big fan of Colorado Rockies but I am big fan of the  Los Angeles Angels fan in my heart. Yes, I went school with Troy Percival. He was a very skinny kid and plays as a catcher at that time.


So, whenever I am boring, usually I like to read anything but when there is a story maps on their newspaper such as 


New York Times has a nice article about Dakota Access Pipeline 


There is another one I like to read about maps like the one from the Washington Post:


These maps show how Russia has Europe spooked - The Washington Post 


I do know that The Atlantic has their excellent maps as well but sometimes it hides it, so you would need to use search to find maps there...


Here is an example : How a Modern-Day Mapmaker Does His Job - The Atlantic 


Are there any other newspaper that have good ones to share with me ? They can be from US, other countries, etc...