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I have started to explore tasks in ArcGIS Pro and thought I would share it with all of you.


Link: Import GPS Data in ArcGIS Pro Task


The audience for this task is anyone who has to work with .gpx files, but I know this will be important for those of you working in Public Safety (especially Search and Rescue).


The purpose of this task is to walk you through creating feature classes from your handheld GPS data in .gpx format. There is already a geoprocessing tool for doing this (in ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap 10.x), but I think it is helpful to have an outline of the steps, especially when you want polyline and point output for your geodatabase.


Feedback is welcome so I can improve this task.

Ok, so this is about my 3rd or 4th GeoNet account, but it is good to be back. I just joined the Eagle Technology Team in New Zealand where I am a consultant on the GIS Solutions Team. My focus will be helping public safety and national agencies to use GIS in new and innovative ways to solve critical problems. On my personal time, I am hoping to work with some of local search and rescue teams with GIS as well.


I am doing a lot of work with ArcGIS Pro right now, including some tutorials for search and rescue. I am also implementing a wide variety of apps using ArcGIS Online, especially on field mobility (Collector, Workforce, Explorer, GeoForm, etc).


There is a lot to learn about GIS in New Zealand, but I joined an extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and fun team lead by Scott Campbell. I hope to hit the ground running.


It is great to be here in New Zealand, a beautiful country with truly excellent people. Everyone here has been so nice in helping us get settled in and find the best hiking (tramping), restaurants, coffee shops, and of course microbreweries (map pending).