Esri UC "Newbie"

Blog Post created by phicksonesri-ireland-ie-esridist Employee on Jul 12, 2014

Hey everybody

Experiencing something new with new people all with great ideas, charisma, dedication and passion all in the one place.

Sun drenched San Diego is beautiful.

Long day but at least we had time for lunch on the lawn.

lunch on the lawn.png


Sunday 13th July Support Stream

Met many great folks from all around the world with the one vision - helping our customers succeed - It was amazing to see how everyone no matter the culture or language all had the same ethos of doing all they can to help our clients. And yes we all feel the same pains.

A big hand to all the presenters today especially our Italian friends.

Having come from a background of Professional services into Support I often get funny looks - "really" but I believe this area of GIS is a vocation and those I met today are a great example of that. We go that extra mile as do all our teams but we in support are the first into that "burning building" we take the heat out of the fires and rescue the situation.

Why? because we know and care for our customers

Go Support !!!

PS Congratulations to Germany World Cup winners 2014