Logging in ArcGIS

Blog Post created by parthasarathi on Sep 23, 2015

Some of the participants are having problem during signing-in at ArcGIS for their practice. Please follow the rules written below and
you will not have that problem:


  • First of all check your web browser, because in ArcGIS online, you need to use a fairly new version of a standard web browser, such as
    Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE.
  • Clear the Cookies and Temporary Internet files and then Refresh your browser and try again.


  • For typing your USERNAME be sure that username is first part of your email  but not more than 16 characters before the “@” sign and all are completely in lowercase with "_analyze".


  • If you do not have 16 characters in your email then just use everything before the “@” sign with "_analyze"

        Please do not include the "@" sign.


  • For example: If your email registered in this course is

        Then your username is:  dr_firstname_las _analyze