Using OpenLM Online License Parser: Get a Real Perspective on your ESRI Desktop License Usage for FREE!

Blog Post created by orengabay on Mar 29, 2015

Software Asset Management entails the monitoring and management of the software licenses in the company, in order to attain top efficiency of license utilization. Trying to achieve this goal, one must be well-versed with the statistics relating to all aspects of license utilization, i.e. licensed features, usages, denials, etc.

OpenLM License Parser is your first step on the way to accomplish a real perspective on your ESRI Desktop License usage. And it’s Free!

What is the OpenLM License Parser?

OpenLM Parser is a Free online parsing service which analyzes cryptic license files and debug log files to a human readable form. The Parser report will provide you detailed license features, expiration dates, license usage statistics, sessions and denials.

Where to Find My License Server Debug Log File?

FLEXlm is the license server for ESRI. Its debug log files contain license usage information e.g. license denials and accurate check-out and check-in.

Debug log files are not created by default. The creation and location of the file needs to be done explicitly. You can use the FLEXlm LMTools UI to obtain the file, as demonstrated here: https://www.openlm.com/support-page/faq/faq-license-servers/where-is-my-flexlm-debug-log-file

Security and Privacy While Using the OpenLM Parser.

OpenLM respects your privacy. We understand the vulnerability of the information available on the log and license files. Therefore, when using the OpenLM Parser, we make sure to secure your data.

When you are using the OpenLM Parser, you don’t have to identify. In addition your debug log files and license files are automatically deleted after parsing.

We do advise to register to the service for Free. Registering to the OpenLM Parser will enable you to parse log and license files which are longer than 10,000. Registering will also provide you with benchmark information, which will allow you to compare your usage information to the average usage among companies using the same licenses.

How can the OpenLM Parser Report Help Me?

When using the OpenLM License Parser, details such as who is the most prominent users, location of problems in your license system and top denied features because transparent.

Session length distribution allows you to get a hint on the license usage pattern of your users.

Longer sessions might point to users keeping software all day, even when not in use.

Top 10 users chart allows you to recognize users according to their activity - number of session for the report period.

Recognizing the top 10 used features is critical - for planning future purchases and maintenance.


License denials allows us identify bottlenecks and resolve access issues.


As an ESRI user you are also able to receive insights regarding all users and their usages according to the level of ESRI licensing (viewer, editor and professional). Moreover, you are able to monitor usage of extensions according to sessions, durations, users and denials.

The cryptic files which are the debug log files of the ESRI license server, can assist you to gather accurate information and decide based on real usage statistics what is the best way to utilize your license.

In order to get more capabilities including license server management and active license harvesting check full OpenLM Software http://goo.gl/GZqHx7