OpenLM License Parser version 1.4 is now available

Blog Post created by orengabay on Nov 10, 2014

OpenLM License Parser is a free service that allows ESRI Desktop users to parse their license server debug log file in order to get useful usage reports and charts. The service is free and does not require authentication.


Just upload your ESRI license manager flexlm debug log file and see the magic. If you don't currently have access to a file check our sample report to see the capabilities. We are looking forward to receive your feedback and additional requests.




What is new in version 1.4?


0002427    Support partial debug log file (without header)

0002434    New chart - license denial by reason

0002334    Added reporting for FLEXlm options file errors

0002389    Better reporting for license files

0002413    Better feature name -> product name translation

0002405    Better RLM (Reprise License Manager)  log parsing

0002437    Added sample report for new users