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Blog Post created by odoe on Oct 21, 2015


Earlier this week, Esri announced the release of a developer support repository on github.


This is a really interesting repo, as it covers the gamut of APIs and SDKs that Esri provides. It covers stuff from Python and Java to SQL and JavaScript. It's well worth going through here to find some examples for stuff you might be working on. There's some solid ArcObjects stuff in there if you're getting hardcore. I notice MapObjects is missing (I kid, I kid). But don't worry, Flex and Silverlight are represented (still kidding). Seriously though, there's some R goodness in there, which if you didn't know, is a thing. Python folks should check it out, as there are some good scripts in here.


There are tons of really great resources for Esri devs on github. If you are a JavaScript developer, we've covered specifically how you can increase your JavaScript skills.


Last month I attended the TC Disrupt Hackathon in San Francisco. I was there to help out devs on their hacks using Esri APIs and SDKs. This was a lot of fun and I prepared the JS and Framework Integration resources repo to help developers get up and running with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


The goal here is to show developers how to use the ArcGIS JS API with multiple frameworks. There are resources for React, Angular, Ember and Polymer.


You can even use the JS API with other JS utility libraries like Ramda and RxJS.


It's not just other libraries you can use with the JS API, but there are resources to write your apps in TypeScript. I haven't really delved into using PureScript or ClojureScript with the JS API, although there might be a path with ClojureScript, and some post-processing that could be done with PureScript... maybe.


The point of all this is that there are lots of resources out there for Esri devs to learn from. Whether you're a novice or a pro, I'm sure you'll find something out there that can help you out.


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