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EsriUC for developers

Posted by odoe Jul 22, 2015



So you're a developer at the EsriUC. Don't worry, sessions may not be as abundant as Developer Summit, but there are some things you may be interested in.


Go to the agenda and use the search and type in something like JavaScript, .Net or Python. You'll hit plenty of results. Just yesterday I was able to announce in a session that the ArcGIS API for JavaScript will soon have a bower package. You didn't hear that at Developer Summit, now did you. You'll learn more about some of the really cool visualizations like Smart Mapping and Blend Renderer. There's a JavaScript Road Ahead session that will talk about some of the stuff in the JavaScript 4.0beta1.


There's developer islands for JavaScript, Online, Windows, Analysis near the end of the hall downstairs by the Demo Theaters. Come by and ask any questions you have, get some insight to an issue you've been struggling with or just check out the links on some of the laptops with cool samples and documentation.


There's no need to be a lost developer at the UC. There are some sessions you can check out, there are plenty of developers you can talk to, and you get to see how other users are using technology to solve their problems in the user sessions. And how do you think they solved those problems, GIS? Well yes, probably, but I'm willing to bet there was a developer or two driving the GIS development that helped solved some of these real-world issues and that is definitely something you may want to check out.


So, if you're at the UC, stay connected, check some stuff out and if you see me around, just say hi and if you have a question, feel free to ask. I'll probably be at the JavaScript Developer island most of the next couple of days!


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