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Blog Post created by odoe on Mar 11, 2015


I'm sitting here at the keynote (CEO of Taqtile) for the 10th annual Esri Developer Summit. I've spent the last couple of days in sessions, and the plenary and enjoying all the geo-goodness of those around me.


There are a lot of developer conferences throughout the year, but what makes the Developer Summit special is the industry focus and niche of this community. The other big geodev conference is FOSS4G, which unfortunately was at the same time as devsummit this year. But that's okay. It's always a blast to see some familiar faces and to put some faces to those that I interact with online in some way.


I really enjoy the work I do. I like the problem solving and I particularly like working with maps. I also really enjoy contributing to the geo-community as a whole. Some folks here have stopped to simply say thank you for those contributions. I just want to say thank you for reading.


Go hack at things and build cool stuff folks.


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