Connect America Funding – Data Prep Models

Blog Post created by mpordesdemo on Apr 25, 2018

Broadband has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. For that reason, the FCC has adopted comprehensive reforms to accelerate broadband build-out. Connect America is an FCC program where the government is funding $198 million in annual support (a total of $1.98 billion for 10 years) to build-out broadband. An auction is being held for service providers to access these funds.


The relevant data for mapping is a single shapefile of eligible blocks as well as a spreadsheet of reserve prices and estimated location counts per census block group identifier


The block group is the initial item for bidding. Work needs to be done in order to use this data for initial reviewing as well as keep up during the auction to make actionable decisions. ArcGIS Pro models are useful to minimize and automate this work. There are three models that I can share upon request for this purpose:

BlockGroupSetup1: helps quickly generate a base set of areas with pricing and locations without having to manipulate dangling “0” on block group identifiers.
Input: spreadsheet of block group reserve prices and block polygon
Output: feature class of polygons that are a dissolve of the blocks by block group identifier  


BlockGroupSetup2: allows for areas of interest reviewed with bid tracking fields, summaries of total reserve price and total locations for the areas of interest are created.
Input: area(s) of interest polygon and polygons with reserve prices and locations (Output of BlockGroupSetup1)

Output: area of interest polygon with pricing and location summaries, bidding area polygons with bid tracking attributes (subs_rate, cost_benefit_[per_speed]_[per_latency], bid_[per_speed]_[per_latency],bid_status,locations_per_acre,parcel_count,baseclockpercentage)


CountyStateStats: summary by county and state of reserve prices and locations

Input: Counties, States and Polygons (Output of BlockGroupSetup1)

Output: Counties with summary stats, States with summary stats


With the outputs of these models additional more financial driven models can be run, web maps and dashboards can be simply created (with a few clicks).