ArcGIS Reporting Solutions Preview

Blog Post created by mmiller-esristaff Employee on Jan 13, 2017

We wanted to share a preview of the next release of the solutions that utilize the Solution Reporting Tools.  We did not make the cut off to ship them with the January release of the solution site, but we feel the improvements and fixes are important enough for us to make them available to you.  


The current reporting tools utilized the Intersect geoprocessing tool to associate all features with the reporting district.  If you have line features in the same layer that self overlaps (for example, in a 3d view the line would look like a "Z"), this would convert those overlaps into features.  In doing so, adding more features to reporting, causing an inaccurate summary of asset lengths, especially if you were using a length field other than the shape length field.  Also, if you were using a field other than shape length to report the length of assets and you had assets that spanned more than one reporting district, the measurement data was not be proportionally adjusted.



The preview utilizes a new intersect tool(speedy intersect if you look at the code) that we created to handle the above situations.  

   First, it only preforms an intersect operations on assets touch/intersect a reporting boundary.  So if you do have self overlapping lines, it will only affect you if they touch the boundary of a reporting area.  As we still have to split these features at the boundary, they still cause a problem, but we added error messaging that will help you track these down in your source data and fix them to ensure you are creating an accurate report.  

   Second, we added a new option("AdjustCountField": "True") to the configuration files to allow you to adjust the count field when a feature is split.  By specifying this option, the value in the count field, for assets split by one or more reporting areas, is adjusted by the percentage of that asset in the reporting area.  If the summary of all the splits does not fall with in 1% of the original feature, a warning is logged in the log file.  We have seen this in our testing when an asset fails outside the reporting area or there are gaps in the reporting areas.  Note: This option is not required if you are using the shape length field as ArcGIS will update the shape length field when the asset is split.


All the downloads in this post have been updated to include the new reporting tools and the new option on the configuration file .