GIS in challenging environments

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"Working in challenging environments: an example of using GIS and big data analytics to support safer O&G operations, understanding and managing risks


Project focus: ice management for safe operations planning & execution

One of the key components of O&G operations planning and execution in the Arctic is the management of sea ice. This is a complex task and one that presents a number of challenges. Predicting sea ice extent is important when planning exploration and oil spill response efforts.

An ice management strategy usually includes components such as weather forecasts, iceberg detection and mapping the extent and thickness of the sea ice. The strategy is supported by the acquisition of a large amount of data, including satellite imagery (for detection of large icebergs and ice features embedded within packed ice), real-time ground information, historical observations (extent of first-year and multi-year sea ice and its thickness)."


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Exprodat project carried out in collaboration with CLIMsystems Ltd.