Relating SQL server Connections to specific Map Services

Blog Post created by micsbjc on Sep 9, 2015


One of the tasks of a DBA is to identify the source of SQL requests. This post describes how you can perform this task within the ESRI environment.


  • Microsoft Windows 2012 servers
  • Microsoft SQL Server Backend
  • ESRI 10.2


A SQL Connection has a variety of fields that assist in the process of identifying the source of SQL requests

  • Databasename
  • Hostname
  • HostProcess
  • NTUserName

When using ArcGIS Map services the Databasename and NTUserName fields tend to be common and it is the Hostprocess and Hostname that provide the link back to the source application.


The Hostprocess points to an Instance of ArcSOC.on the Hostname server.


Each ArcSOC instance has an associated CommandLine value that in turn contains a DService parameter which in turn contains the name of the ArcGIS service.


My next post will describe a technique for capturing this information dynamically into a SQL table so that you can execute SQL queries against SQL system tables and relate them to specific ESRI Map services