ArcGIS Pro eases GIS User's life

Blog Post created by m.bhuratiopenware-com-kw-esridist Employee on Jul 13, 2018

ArcGIS pro released back in January-2015 with many questions opened to its user's. Now it is Advance Desktop GIS solution. It has far advance user interface and processing capabilities than the traditional Arc Map application. The concept under the hood is same but it has modern Microsoft type user interface (Ribbon based). I observe that ArcGIS user have started liking the application and its contribution is huge in advancement of Geo-spatial Industry. There is no doubt that the traditional Arc Map application (still it is in use) was very popular GIS application of its era. Esri is always ahead in pronouncement that it requires changes in its software design and functionality based on technological swing in software industry.


I too had many questions in my mind, why there is another application? I started following the ArcGIS Pro news and latest pro releases back in 2015-2016 as a passionate GIS professional. By the time there was not much of Arc map application functionalities added in ArcGIS Pro, and I started comparing it with Arc Map Application. I remember that there were very core functionalities of ArcGIS were missing like topology and some of key Geo-processing tools. However Esri have filled the gap between both the applications very efficiently and effectively with advancement on its new application.


Mid of 2016 I started using it as a trial, as I am engaged with ArcGIS since last 7-8 years. It did not take much effort to migrate from Arc Map to ArcGIS Pro. I started practicing and attending its free training tutorials. I must say that Esri have very effective documentation for its all products.


I personally recommend the entire GIS user community to use Esri advance GIS application (ArcGIS Pro). You will enjoy and love working with. In starting you might feel some discomfort if you are used to with ArcMap Application, as its human nature to resist change. But once you have adapted it surly you will love it.


Following are the key advancement in ArcGIS .


  • ArcGIS pro multi threaded and 64 Bit Application- ArcGIS Pro is 64 bit modern application, which takes full advantages modern hardware  RAM, multi-core processor and Graphics processors for maximum performance. Arc GIS Pro does not block the application while running its Geo-processing tools. In Arc Map it was known as background processing.


  • New licensing Model- ArcGIS Pro supports new licensing model called "Named user"license, using ArcGIS online and ArcGIS enterprise; you can use your named user license anywhere by accessing your ArcGIS online organizational account. It also supports traditional Single use and concurrent use licensing models. However its licensing levels are similar to ArcGIS application basic, standard and advance.



  •     All in one Application- ArcGIS Pro has capabilities of Arc Map, Arc Catalog, Arc Scene and Arc Globe in one single application. Its native support for 2D and 3D Maps is awesome. It does not need any additional extension license for visualizing 3D enabled data and scenes.


  •    Intuitive and Simple User Interface- ArcGIS Pro has very simple and modern user Interface, its Ribbon based interface is easy to use and the best part is contextual tabs, dock Panes and views.


  •    Project Base- ArcGIS Pro allow you to store, share and manage multiple items, such as Maps, Layouts, Tools, Tables, connections  styles and other resources as single project. It is convenient to get all the items in one place. 


  •     Map Visualization- Mapping in ArcGIS Pro is visual and interactive experience, application is centred on visualizing data for analysis, smoothness and simultaneous interaction with 2D and 3D Maps.


  •     Efficient and Effective Editing Environment- ArcGIS pro supports automatic edit sessions, you can edit multiple workspace simultaneously. Also you can edit 2D and 3D data at same time. The pain of start editing and stop editing is vanished with ArcGIS Pro. Group template is one of my favourite technique of creating new features using Pro.


  •    Geo-processing and Analysis- Geo-processing tools takes the advantages of its multi-threaded nature. Unlike Arc Map you can interact with your map when Geo-processing tools are executing.


  •     Sharing Maps- Sharing your work is important part of ArcGIS Pro. You can share your entire project as project package either online or using memory device. You can also share your Maps and layers as web map in ArcGIS online organizational account and other internet users. ArcGIS pro is coupled with ArcGIS online, you can share anything like layers, maps, tools, workflows and other component from your project to others.