GIS Day Celebration Was Great!

Blog Post created by lrhill on Nov 19, 2015

Planning & Development Services of Kenton County and the Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments hosted a joint GIS Day session at the PDS Offices (2332 Royal Drive, Fort Mitchell, KY) that was well received.  From 10AM - 3PM attendees networked, and learned about GIS to create Story Maps, evaluate Solar Potential, use Drones and UAVs (from a hobbyist perspective), how to customize Map Viewers through the ESRI Web App Builder, applications of ArcReader, NKYmapLAB (GIS and cartography), ROW/Easement mapping, ESRI's Collector App for crowd-sourced data collection, and GIS Application Development with real-time data streams.  SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR ESRI REP DAVID SMITH FOR ATTENDING! 


GIS Day Pins were handed out to all attendees!



GIS Day Cake!


NKYmapLAB mapping and cartography display.



Indoor demonstration of a "Parrot" Minidrone / Quad-copter (in hover mode).  Uses sonar to detect indoor surfaces.



PowerPoint slides discuss Hobbyist vs. Commercial drone / UAV uses.




Live demonstration of OKI's GoSolarReady site that calculates usable roof area for solar panels.