Just discovered the Terrain Tools v1.0 toolbox!

Blog Post created by lrhill on Nov 3, 2015



Standard techniques for representing terrain, like a hillshade, are adequate for many applications, but you may want to represent terrain under different lighting conditions, or perhaps use more artistic techniques. Cartographic research often develops techniques, models and tools that supplement or extend what you find in software out-of-the-box. They are often difficult to find or implement. This project brings together some of these ideas in a toolbox that provides capabilities for creating alternative terrain representations in ArcGIS.  The collection of tools incorporates a few which were previously available as models (built originally using ModelBuilder). They have been rewritten and optimized as Python scripts which improves stability and speed of processing. Additionally, a range of new tools have been either written (from the original published algorithms) or optimized as Python scripts from code samples.