ArcGIS Pro - Evaluation

Blog Post created by kvenkatj on Oct 17, 2014

ESRI comes up with another Desktop product called ArcGIS Pro. Simply It is advanced version of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) with 64-bit operating system support by default and much more support for multiple views including 2D and 3D data together.

It is very useful to have 2D and 3D data together in one screen and edit at one place to see the changes on other view. This is similar to ArcView 3.3 style but now we can see 3D data.

Identify tool is replaced with Explore, Toolbars are replaced with ribbons and they very dynamic based on layer selection in TOC.

ArcGIS Pro is combination of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe and ArcScene. As of now there is no support for .NET APIs but ESRI is planning to introduce in next release.

I just started my evaluation and exploring all the new functionality and make sure the existing Desktop functionality is working without any issues. I will post my findings as and when I progress.

Please share your experiences!!!