Yes!! You can still access classic Google Maps with orthos

Blog Post created by kmsagis on Jun 23, 2015

Hey all.  Just fyi, you can still access "Classic" Google Maps with its nice, beautiful old interface!  Which means you can access its orthos!


Google Maps

Via Google Is Getting Rid of Classic Maps for Good (Ugh.)


As you have likely seen, with new Google Maps, they removed true orthos aerials in favor of draping them over a DSM. While it's nice playing SimCity with it, it is unfortunate they removed the orthos.


Also FYI - I just figured out how to do multiple waypoints in Directions at last (right click, where they now hide tools, e.g. measure).  Classic maps also had let you display anything over Terrain, whereas new Maps only lets you see the Terrain basemap in without layers over it, I still am trying to figure that out. Reply if you find out!