Spatial Interpolation Live Training Seminar

Blog Post created by jlange-esristaff Employee on Apr 30, 2019

Eric Krause from the GeoStatistical Analyst team and I are presenting a live training seminar Spatial Interpolation with ArcGIS Pro on Thursday May 2nd. We are going to discuss several different kriging methods including the new Empirical Bayesian Kriging 3D capability. Please join us for this free training seminar.


Spatial Interpolation with ArcGIS Pro
When analyzing real-world phenomena, it is not practical to collect data for every location in the area of interest. The ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst extension to ArcGIS Pro provides advanced tools and capabilities to predict unknown values across a continuous surface. In this seminar, the presenters discuss a variety of interpolation methods, including a new 3D interpolation capability. You will see how to create more accurate prediction models that support more informed decision making.


View  details: https://www.esri.com/training/catalog/5c92b940fa73df28264fb8ed/