4 new videos of professional development for educators in GIS

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Aug 21, 2018

I recently co-conducted a series of GIS workshops for educators online and recorded much of the hands-on work for the purposes of (1) illustrating what and how these types of events can be structured and taught; (2) showing how you also can use these easy to use yet powerful web based tools such as ArcGIS Online and web mapping applications for enhanced teaching and learning. 


1 of 4:  Introduction, Sports,  Business, Health, Geopolitics, and Natural Hazards: 



2 of 4:  Urban Comparison and International Migration. Hands-on work with data, tools, and instructional approaches.



3 of 4:  Location privacy, data quality, lessons, remote sensing, landslides, land use, and human-caused hazards. Hands-on work with data, tools, and instructional approaches.



4 of 4:   Population change, historical topographic maps, student work examples:



I hope these videos are helpful.

--Joseph Kerski