New Instructional Resources on Telling Your Story with Esri Story Maps

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Dec 23, 2016

I recently gave a webinar for the National Council for Geographic Education about story maps.  Story maps are multimedia combined with interactive maps that can serve as powerful visual means of teaching and learning.  The webinar content is here:   http://arcg.is/2hfM6Xx.

You will notice that the webinar content is actually a story map!  I did this on purpose to show that story maps can be effectively used to teach a wide variety of content, themes, disciplines, and scales, from local to global.  Here, I use story maps to teach about ... story maps!


At the end of the above webinar content are several links that you might find useful in terms of “continuing your learning" with story maps, including upcoming courses, Esri training, and more.


I opened the webinar with a Crowdsource story map to get the networking started:

http://arcg.is/2fnrhIe.  I have done so in many of the workshops I have given in the past few months.  Not only does it foster networking and spatial thinking, more so than in a standard "going around the room" or using a chat window, but it gets people excited about story mapping right away.  Try it!


As is typical in story mapping workshops and webinars, time did not permit me to cover everything I wanted to.  Therefore, I have placed additional exercises in the link below, including the making of swipe and map journal story maps:



--Joseph Kerski

Example of swipe and tabbed story map.

Example of Story Map Series.