New crowdsourcing story map application is here

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Jun 23, 2016

We have had the capability to create story maps (multimedia live web maps) for a few years now, and also the
capability to collect data via crowdsourcing and citizen science methods in the
field or in the classroom.  But now the capability exists for both to be
used at the same time!  That is because the crowdsourcing story map app is

The crowdsource story map app joins the other story map apps
that are listed
.  To get familiar with this new app, read this explanation.  Also, you might
explore a new crowdsourced story mapthat asks for your
location, photograph, and a sentence or two about why you are excited to attend
the Esri User Conference.  If you are attending the UC, feel free to post
your name, your location, and why you are excited about attending.  If you
are not attending, examining the application will give you a good sense for
what this new app can do.


It’s not just this story map that has me interested.  It is that this long-awaited
capability is now at our fingertips, where you can, with this same app, create
crowdsourced story maps for gathering data on such things as tree cover,
historic buildings, noisy places, litter, weird architecture, or something
else, on your school campus or in your community.  It is in beta, but feel
free to give the crowdsourcing story map app a try!