Skills for the Digital Earth MOOC begins SOON!

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Mar 26, 2016

Folks:  The following MOOC is free, 4 weeks long, is built on the Geospatial Technology Competency Model, and offers a great set of hands-on activities, readings, and discussions.  I am on the instructional team and I wanted to let you know about it so that you can consider participating and tell others about it.

--Joseph Kerski


Elmhurst College: Skills for the Digital Earth

Course Description
Ever stop to think about how important location is when using your smart phone? This educational MOOC begins with an elementary explanation of how society uses location in a myriad of disciplines. Geography, or rather, "where?" is important to all of us from various perspectives.

Within this MOOC, participants will learn what location technologies are used for, how the discipline developed and learn by doing via a series of scaffolded practical exercises. Online spatial software will be employed for any device using a browser which takes users through exercises and real world examples. It is appropriate for those with no prior experience with geographic information systems (GIS) software all the way to advanced users.

In this course, participants will:

  • Understand basic geographic concepts and be exposed to the geospatial workforce.
  • Identify skills associated with the Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM).
  • Use geospatial tools and technology and apply some business fundamentals using GIS.
  • Recognize employment opportunities in the geospatial industry.
  • Use and interpret spatial data and data sources.
  • Gain core geospatial abilities which are consistent with those of someone working in the geospatial industry.