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Hi Everyone:


This post from "Tomorrow's Professor" offers advice on an issue that I’m
not sure we’ve discussed in this listserv, but I’ve talked with numerous folks
over the years about:  You have a grant or a mandate or idea to conduct an
educator PD or a student summer camp with geotechnologies.  Now, how can
you effectively get the word out, given our fragmentation in the education system,
so that you can actually have warm bodies in your workshop?   This
highlights campus-based programs but most of the advice applies to those run by
all kinds of organizations. 

Ways to Double Enrollment for K-12 Summer College Programs



So you got the funding. Terrific. Now to find 30 middle
school students who want to spend six weeks in the summer writing poetry on
campus. No, you said in the proposal that you'd get 40 students. And that
they'd be from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM with a B average in math.
Doesn't matter how many students you said you'd get, what matters is that the
funder--NSF, your city, Some Endowment for Something--loved your idea and now
you need students to sign up. Not just sign up. Sign up. Stay all summer.
Attend workshops throughout the year. Fill out surveys along the way. AND come
back next year. It can be done. But it'll take planning and some getting off
your campus. Here are 5 steps you can take to ensure you have your 30 or 40 or
whatever number sounded nice and round in that meeting a year ago.


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