Know a developer curious about GIS?

Blog Post created by jhine-esristaff Employee on May 12, 2017

Hi all,


I’m pleased to announce that Pluralsight (www.pluralsight.com) has just published an Esri course titled Introduction to GIS for Developers.  This course is for any app developers who want to learn what GIS is, what GIS can do, and how to begin implementing GIS in their apps. This course will help raise awareness and increase adoption of GIS (including Esri technology) among Pluralsight’s large audience of students and experienced developers.


I’d appreciate your help spreading the word about this new course to developers, especially those who are not already Esri customers! Note: Developers who are already Esri customers will be best served by going straight to the Esri Training Catalog, clicking the “All GIS Capabilities” filter dropdown, and checking the “Developer” box.


One way you can help spread the word is by mentioning the course through your personal social media channels. Here are some suggested messages.


On Twitter:

#Developers and #CompSci students curious about #GIS - Check out new Introduction to GIS for Developers course over @Pluralsight! #Esri


On Facebook:

Know a developer or a computer science student who might be curious about GIS? Let them know about the new Introduction to GIS for Developers course over at Pluralsight.com! https://app.pluralsight.com/library/courses/gis-introduction-developers/  #Pluralsight #Esri #TheScienceofWhere


Thanks for your help getting the word out!