Star Date 92867.97 - Captain's 1st Log

Blog Post created by jbaek_grace on Apr 7, 2015

I'm really not THAT much of a trekkie...   http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/stardate.php


On that journey to incorporate this cool new way of using GPS/GIS in the middle school science classroom, and this is my first blog/post.


I'm involved with a PD through GRACE (GIS/T Resources and Applications for Career Education) and my goal is to learn quickly and apply as needed in the classroom. 



1) Figure out how to use ARCGIS

2) Get ARCGIS Desktop on my computer, or at least one that will work.  Do this as cost-efficient as possible.

3) Get my middle school students onto ARCGIS online and complete a science project with it.

4) Stay sane in the process.