Seems this indoor location thing has legs.

Blog Post created by jarcher-esristaff Employee on Mar 19, 2015



Well, as usual, last week was a great time.  I still have the Dev Summit at the top of my list of events every year.  It's been my favorite show for 10 years running, and it still holds the unified belt.


I was specializing in a new topic this year in addition to a repeated and refreshed dojo session I did with David Spriggs last year.  That new topic was indoor location.  I had both a speedgeeking session and a full hour session on the topic.  I was pleasantly surprised that the full session on Thursday was pretty much standing room only.  There were a lot of really good questions asked, and I've had several people follow up with me afterward to find out more about building data for indoor spaces and using all the great analysis and visualization tools in the ArcGIS Platform with it.


There are a lot of exciting things coming in the 10.4 release that will make indoor data a first class citizen in GIS.  We have some interesting internal research projects going on here in Redlands that will generate some samples of how best to take advantage of it.  Stay tuned, and I'll be sure to announce any of that alongside any official announcements.


Cheers, and happy mapping...